1. Three Flowerheads

    Self portrait - jeffrey d hood 4/14/14

  3. I found a few abandoned buildings recently. I hope I can go back when I have the time to seriously explore.

    photos by jeffrey d hood

  4. Church in Buffalo Valley, TN  4/7/14

    jeffrey d hood

  5. Winter Kudzu field in Chestnut Mound, TN    4/6/14

    jeffrey d hood

  6. I was looking at an issue of Architectural Digest one day and was gobsmacked to find one of my paintings in the issue. I painted this mixed media piece as part of a series in the late 80’s/early 90’s. I made the frame out of yard sticks I bought at our local flea market.  I’ve sold so many paintings in my haphazard ‘career’ and I rarely know where any of them end up.

  7. I finally decided to sell off the majority of pottery and other collectibles on eBay. I stopped taking photos of sale items today and made this in less than 10 minutes.


  8. My flower head selfie has now been reblogged about 3000 times. Maybe more, probably more, I stopped counting.  It has literally gone around the globe.

    This is freaking AMAZING.  What does this mean?

    I suppose it means a lot of girls, mostly - 99%, appreciate my idea and the finished product.  It also means that my best self portraits occur when my face is totally covered.  I think I’m on to something.

    I wonder why a large % of the rebloggers have some preoccupation with suicide? This part I fond troubling.

    I am chronically depressed and live with ailments that cause debilitating pain. But despite it all, I still hold on to hope for tomorrow. 

    I wish all my followers and rebloggers true peace and happiness.

    Thank you!!!!


  9. xenopheles:

    Reblog if you support Maggie Smith becoming immortal.

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