1. historicaltimes:

    Chichen Itza, Mexico in 1862 before cleaning and restoration

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    INAH - México

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  4. Dance, girl!

    jeffrey d hood 2014

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    I’m in love with this gif. Everything about it. The rain drizzling. The candle flickering. The colors. I love it.


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  6. re-imagined dance sequences from Magic Man, Paris

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  7. Reworked images from a video from Magic Man.

    jeffrey d hood 2014

  8. catmotaThe Birth of Cool  (1957 - 1958) Frederick Hammersley

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    Each week, we showcase an emerging artist from around the world who is already garnering attention for their work. Taking inspiration from the Saatchi Gallery’s 25-year history of discovering new talent, One-to-Watch presents some of the most exciting artists on Saatchi Art, helping collectors to identify strong emerging talent. Check out our exclusive look at artist Rusudan Khizanishvili.

  10. How do people ignore the sky?

    Cumberland Plateau, Tennessee  July 2014

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